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====== The Gellish Communicator software ====== The Gellish Communicator software is a [[|reference implementation]] for information that is expressed in any of the Gellish family of formalized languages. Users can query the language definition and its taxonomic dictionary or supply files with expressions of knowledge, products and processes as well as documents. Such files will be verified on correctness and consistency and the integrated database is available for searching and retrieval of information and knowledge. The software can also be used for consulting the definitions of the formal languages of the family, such as Formal English or Formeel Nederlands and their taxonomic dictionary and ontology. The open source software code in stand-alone version using Tkinter is available on [[|GitHub]] together with [[|a web-version]]. The software is accompanied by data that includes a subset of the source of the language definition and dictionary. The full language definition, taxonomy and ontology and a professional version of the software can be licensed from The software can also be used as * A Taxonomic Dictionary-Ontology - by consulting the definitions and knowledge models. * A Document Management System - that uses product and process models for finding documents * A Knowledge Database - by viewing and retrieving knowledge and documents about concepts with an option for direct export of knowledge for inclusion in other applications. * A Verifier of the quality of expressions. * A Database for user defined product and process data - which enables searching and retrieving of information about user defined products and processes. The source code of the basic version is under Open Source license conditions available via [[|GitHub]]. It is written in Python and is a source for code that can be reused and modified by software developers for integration in their own applications. The code facilitates * reading and interpreting Gellish expressions * searching in Gellish enabled data stores * generic presentation views (e.g. universal data sheets) * converting (mapping) data to and from other data structures * writing Gellish expressions [[installing_the_communicator|Next]]

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